Why a pair of anti-slip overshoes is more expensive than a pair of work shoes?

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Why a pair of anti-slip overshoes is more 

expensive than a pair of work shoes?

Below is the compare of Tigergrip anti-slip overshoes and the antislip products with 

widespread using in market. It is easy to learn it the reasons why a pair of anti-slip overshoes is more expensive than a pair of work shoes.

Compare Items Tigergrip anti-slip overshoes widerspread using anti-slip overshoes

·French patent product

·Certified European CE

·Certified ISO13287,SRA,SRB,SRC

·Certified Green certification,it's Green Partner

·Certified EU REACH,not including any damaged thing for human or environment

Nowadays,most of the anti-slip overshoes in the market havn't gotten any professional certification
Anti-slip Effect

·Certified ISO13287,SRA,SRB,SRC

·It is well-defined as high standard and necessary product

·Its anti-slip quality certified the authoritative expert signature guaranteed

Nowadays,most of the anti-slip overshoes in the market havn't gotten any authority certification test
Life Time
Tigergrip anti-slip overshoes are used under normal working environment(except artificially damaged ) can last for 3 years
Generally speaking,most of the anti-slip overshoes' lives time are between4-8 months
 Because in the life time, Tigergrip anti-slip overshoes over much than the ordinary anti-slip overshoes.So company can invest benefit in the long run by using them whom can save lots of cost in anti-slip overshoes for company.
Most of the anti-slip overshoes in the market,no matter it costs dozen of yuan or several hundred yuan per pair, their lives time are between 4-8 months.In the long run,the company will cost thousands of yuan per staff in anti-slip overshoes.
Tigergrip anti-slip overshoes are easy to clean and maintain, machine washable.
It's not convenient to maintain
Compatibility and Practicability 
Each size of Tigergrip anti-slip overshoes is suit to 2-4 ordinary shoes size.So although undertake transfer of personnel will not influence the usage of next staff, which can save a fee for company.
Each size of the ordinary anti-slip overshoes is only suit to one ordinary shoes size,so while a new staff comes, company must change a new overshoes for him, which costs a fee for company.


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